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   (cont.) What would Einstein eat?
Ever get stymied by grocery shopping, trying to make the healthiest choices, but also that thing we all remember called taste? And what about prices and just time in general? It seems impossible to juggle all these factors and make sense of it all, doesn't it? Hmm.. General.. Time? Relativity? Almost take an Einstein.. GADZOOKS! Einstein... Yes!
Yet... we ponder ? Does e=mc2 mean eat macaroni & cheese 2 square meals a day? NO. How then might we
"shop $&¢ibly and save moohlah???"

So we asked ourselves:
 (continued, upper right)
We have no idea, but we bet he'd be looking at Nutrition Labels, Prices, Costs per serving and Convenience...

We hope he'd be comparing lists of UPC food nutrition label information in table format... sorting many products by desired columns to find the healthiest choices... sorting item prices across hundreds of stores... making cost per serving comparisons..

Instead of waiting for the next Einstein, we decided to create a website that would do all this, and we're ready for you to tell us how you like it. So? We tentatively called it:

Einstein's Pantry, but decided that was just too cute, and a serious subject needed a serious name, so? We decided to call it:

Try these links for examples:

But enough about us... We believe that charity begins at home, so rather than bury our links on some page deep in the impossible finds of our site just to score some quality link points with the search engines, we put them right here on our home page, so you can see them and visit them, which we encourage you to do as much and as often as possible... These sites are all free, and they reveal a philosophy that stems from Psych 101, if you ever took that, what is called
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs...
Some of our favorite sites:
MashakaFoundation.org - without clean water there is no life. Malaria and  dysentery kill every day in Tanzania. See how you can help. Play for change - too many good causes out there and don't know how to pick one? Listen to this.
the hunger site-  The Hunger Site has given over 859,655,305 cups of food since June 1999. One click a day and their sponsors donate a meal to a starving kid.
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